Your Next Chipotle Burrito Will Be Smaller Thanks to This New 3-D Printing Company

“We went through 30 different prototypes together. They’d send us a file the night time before and we’d have it to them the next morning,” 23-year old Max Friefeld, co founder of Voodoo Manufacturing.

It’s been proven that a few straightforward order hacks will let you improve how big your Chipotle burrito by 86 percent at no extra cost. This fact, alongside employees’ customs of dishing out extra ingredients (intentionally and unintentionally), now gets the chain rethinking their burrito-making tools.

Chipotle is seeking to revolutionize their serving spoon to have better control over scoop sizes, and they’ve turned to 3D print to take action.

Voodoo Manufacturing is a new 3-D printing company that’s been working tirelessly with Chipotle to produce the best spoon, which has yet to debut in eateries. Chipotle isn’t their only big client, though; they made Intel and Chromemat ’s 3-D and recently worked with Nickelodeon, MTV and West Elm printed New York Fashion Week dress that everyone’s been talking about. Also to top off the success, this was before the company even started.