XYZprinting Shipped More 3D Printers This Year Than Any Other Company

For anyone keeping a close eye on the Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer it should not be any surprise this season, that XYZprinting has risen to the very top of the sales charts. The business is just several years old and they’ve already released affordable 3D printers and six successful, including a food 3D printer, on the way soon, with three more models. Their successful Da Vinci line of printers has quickly become popular as a starter 3D printer without leaving huge holes in their own bank accounts for consumers looking to jump into the entire world of 3D printing. The wide range of printer options available comprise a basic model, a model with two 3D printing heads, a simplified Junior variation and shortly a Specialist model that will not necessitate the business’s proprietary filaments.

In accordance with the independent 3D print industry analyst firm Canalys, a staggering 52% grew this year just in the initial half of 2015. All in all, sales totals combined showed that all of the business’s 3D printer sellers together sent over 88,000 printers global . By representing a whopping 22% of all those shipped units, XYZprinting took the top spot. Based on Canalys, their multiple kinds of 3D printer models using FDM and SL printing technologies is the primary reason for their fast success.