Whats Going on in 3D Printing June 2015

We adore reading stories about 3D printing is impacting people around the world. We want to share with you a few of our favorites from the previous month now. From how 3D printing is changing a market to (literally) constructing bridges, this is exactly what captured our attention recently.

7 Ways 3D Printing is Already Disrupting International Manufacturing — Forbes

Within this guide, Rick Smith dives into how 3D printing is changing the way we think about manufacturing. We’ve talked about the way we would like to redefine the way products are created and advertising in a world where anybody can find the goods they need, and changing manufacturing is a massive part of this. As Rick says, “…now, industrial 3D printing has reached its tipping point, and is going to go mainstream in a way that will revolutionize the market.”

The Blade is a 3D Printed Supercar – Engadget

Car lovers, this one is for you! Andrew Tarantola composed about “Blade,” the first ever additively manufactured car. Developed by Divergent Microfactories in San Francisco, this car weighs approximately 1,400 pounds and runs on both the gasoline and CNG (compressed natural gas).

Scientists Constructed a 3D Printer That May Print Objects Smaller Than Red Blood Cells. — Digital Trends

And we think Miniatures are small! Within this piece, Lulu Chang writes about a new 3D printer that can print microscopic objects. According to the material science and technology scientist leading the project, Park Jang-ung, they “believe the technology has established a new paradigm for study utilizing 3D printing and wearable devices.”

Gravity-defying 3D Printer to Print Bridge Over Water in Amsterdam — CNET

As if 3D printed homes were not cool enough, Amsterdam will now boast a 3D printed bridge. Michelle Star details this trendy new robot which could “draw” in the atmosphere and will publish the bridge from steel. The robot will print its own supports so that it can operate 16, since it goes.

World’s First 3D Printed Office to Go Up Layer by Layer in Dubai — Gizmag

Okay — this is narrative but it’s too fun to wait for to discuss! Darren Quick writes about Dubai’s plans to build a 3D printing construction. It will be published. The building will serve as the workplace for staff members of the “Museum of the Future” (so fitting, right?) And is the first key initiative of the museum.