WASP & Gianluca Pugliese Use 3D Printer To Paint With Light

Gianluca (Owen) Pugliese is an artist who utilizes a variety of substances and 3D technology to make his pieces, but lately, his main material has been gentle.

Pugliese began refining his method after finding an open source job on the internet which allowed him to assemble his own Delta- based 3D printer, and he states that was the turning point. His outcomes improved dramatically, to the stage where one of his jobs was a part of the Venice Biennale.
It was in Venice that Pugliese satisfied Sebastiano and Marcello Pellecchia .

“I showed my project to them and they showed their devices to me. A fantastic camaraderie as well as a collaboration that is good were born,” Pugliese claims.

Following a string of tests using a Delta Open, WASP gave a Turbo to Pugliese to utilize, and a new attachment was subsequently developed by him for the device, the LightExtruder, which replaces the plastic material extruder and it will not need specific settings or any additional power supplies.

The LightExtruder is fundamentally an RGB LED along having a selector allowing the photographer to select the color of output that is being.