UpLocket, The 3D Printed Locket Which Holds Surprising Secrets, Launches on Kickstarter

Manufacturers and entrepreneurs, Ben Howarth and Todd Blatt, have blended style, nostalgia, microchip technologies and 3D printing to make a modern spin on jewellery. The locket, a jewellery product which conjures pictures of keys, sweethearts and grandmothers has been changed from the 21st century.

Blatt and Howarth’s UpLocket, even though a fond nod before, adopts what both refer as “wearable tech” As opposed to copying lockets produced from medals like silver, even the UpLocket has been 3D published with an assortment of colors, in nylon. Blatt, with his own 3D-design website, Custom3DStuff.com, made the pendants with AutoCAD in addition to MeshMixer printed them with “laser sintering 3D printing technologies.

You will find an assortment of unique styles where buyers may select, such as what the founders predict the “Swirl,” that the “Nuclear Pendant,” that the “Opening Round,” that the “Simple Heart Pendant,” an customized variant of their “Simple Heart,” and rings in these layouts.