UK’s Ryman Stationery to Begin Offering 3D Printing Service and Selling 3D Systems Products

Starting in August, the biggest stationery store in the UK will start selling 3D Systems Cube and Cube Pro 3D printers in its stores as well as on their site. They will also offer several complementary things, such as the Sense 3D Scanner and filament cartridges in every colour available.

It isn’t unheard of while a big office supply chain adding 3D printing products within their inventories is still relatively new. Retail giant Amazon, office supply store Staples and their opponent Office Depot in the States have started selling 3D printers and equipment, and have even dipped their toes. Nevertheless, Ryman manages over 230 locations in the united kingdom, and it’s a safe bet that their competitors will follow suit, since they are hardly the sole stationary shop in the nation when the products are successful.