Twinkind Adds a New Dimension to Your Next AIDA Cruise with 3D Scanning at Sea

Twinkind moves into the open sea with its hottest Specular 3D scanning booth after conquering the kingdom of 3D scanning on land. The Berlin-based business, among the first to seriously propose physical photography choices through photogrammetry and full -color 3D print, has set out to establish that its new booth is as transportable as it gets, by installing one.

AIDA guests will undoubtedly manage to spend their time onboard getting 3D scanned, thus adding a new physical dimension to the memories from their cruise ship vacation. The Specular booth has 200 photosensors that can record the image of a person from many angels in only a fraction of a second, which means it is capable of capturing even interesting and “shaky” poses.

The digital image that is acquired will undoubtedly be carried to Twinkind’s laboratory’s on land, where the lifelike full-colour replicas are 3D printed and then sent to the customers ’ houses. The service is accessible ins a number of different scales, beginning at € 99 and 1:5, up to 35 cm in height, with the smallest version between 1:24