The Teeny iBox Nano 3D Resin Printer Reckons Small Is Beautiful

The Formlabs Form 1 is a $3,299 stereolithography 3D printing machine that takes up a large chunk of desk space, and takes a likewise sizeable bite out of your economies. But what if there’s another way to get your hands on this kind of 3D printing tech?

Resin 3D printers differ to FDM (filament) printers, which extrude plastic filament to develop prints. Resin is much better suited to finer detail than FDM, making the Nano’s focus on printing little objects suitable.

A low cost microcomputer Raspberry Pi powers the printer, encased in a laser- cut on clear acrylic box to save on manufacturing costs by doing away with the requirement for any injection moulding. Every little helps, as the saying goes.

What’s the point of a very little 3D printer? The Nano is said to the worlds littlest the makers claims. They contend small is amazing because costs come down the printer unit in regards to 3D printers itself, the expense of the materials required to fulfill a print job, and also the wait time for printing out the item.

Creator Trent Carter says part of its own market research required polling around 100 households that have used 3D printers in the last 12 months, and it found most people “merely print modest things .

“The reasons seem to come in the long build times for big items, sometimes 10-12hours, and average price of stuff for 3D printing. If you own a printer that prints 4x4x4” and print an object that size it could take 14-18 hours and consume $30-60 of consumables. This changes based on the speed of the print material and also the printer,” TechCrunch is told.