The Details on Digital Art Pioneer Laurence Gartel’s Creative Force Design Competition at Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara

As the man who initiated the utilization of computers to create artwork, Laurence Gartel fought for years to acquire the endorsement of the art community. He was challenging what tools might be used to create it and what art was, so naturally no one knew exactly what to do with his work. In the ’80s when he started bringing his art to New York museums he’d be told that he needed to speak to the video department who’d send him to the drawing section who does send him to the assorted media section who’d then begin the entire cycle over again. His work has been presented all over the world, and yet the art world finally caught up and appeared in national advertising campaigns. Gartel was asked by Andy Warhol to show him how to create artwork having an Amiga computer and was permitted to check the Apple II Prototype.

Now that a whole new generation of artists are using newly developed tools and technology like 3D modelling and 3D printing it seems many of these are working with precisely the same battles. While 3D printed graphics has been featured in art galleries and lots of reputable museums, there is still a feeling that the art world doesn’t yet know precisely what to do with it. But thanks to the groundbreaking work of Gartel and other world famous artists like him, people who raised the barriers that held him back are far less entrenched than they used to be. Gartel himself has often used 3D printing in his own art, and is widely credited as truly one of the first major artists to integrate 3D printing into his shows with his 3D printed Ferrari statue back in 2009 for his “Auto Motion” show.