SyncFab Design & Manufacturing Platform Bridges Designers, 3D Printers Businesses

SyncFab established a New On-Line Merchandise Design and Making Platform to Streamline turning design ideas into finished products making it now simpler than ever.

SyncFab is like eHarmony and an eBay. The platform enables prototypers, providers, production coordinators to source local manufacturing companies. SyncFab plans to lower manufacturing costs by helping designers take advantage of surplus production capacity at local factories and making the bid process more transparent.

“We streamline the word of mouth referral system now relied upon by most designers and entrepreneurs when sourcing fabricators. We also solve a promotion issue that is huge for local manufacturing companies who don’t have any promotion budgets and find yourself letting their factories remain idle.

You get points for collaborating, posting 3D models for the community to peruse when you join, and it is possible to create jobs or bid on jobs. It mostly looks optimized for Boston and California, and, so, I didn’t actually expect to locate anything set up for Richmond, Virginia. As the community grows, it may include 3D printer owners, more designers, and manufacturing companies from a bigger region.

“Don’t Only Make Local & Purchase Local – Design,” is the call to actions propelling the promotion of the “Made in California” factory tour chain developed by SyncFab. “SyncFab is the platform bringing them to create high quality products locally.”