College Students Create ‘Frozen’-Themed 3D Printed Prosthetic for Girl Born Without Hand

A 9-year-old who was born without her right hand and many of the wrist now has a brand-new prosthetic thanks to the aid of a 3 D printer as well as the commitment of several college students.

“It’s amazing,” she said, as she practiced opening and shutting her new fingers around a filled Olaf, according to Siena College’s press release. “It feels like I have a genuine hand.”

The arm even includes a removable light, and is ice blue.

According to a statement by Siena College, it and it took 30 hours to 3D print and another two hours, respectively to assemble the components.

According Alyx Gleason, a physics major and junior in the college, Karissa’s family approached the team after their first successful project in creating a 3D printed prosthetic having an Iron Man motif nearly annually ago to.

“ When we met with Karissa and her family, they were so nice and it had been a great fit,” Gleason said. When we showed her an evaluation hand, “Karissa’s face lit up. She is a really deserving girl.”

They used preexisting technology shared with Enabling the Future teams over the U.S. that opens and shuts the hand using the motion of the elbow. In the event the wearer straightens the elbow, the fingers open. The fingers close together, when the elbow is bent.