Strooder Turns Cheap Plastic Pellets Into 3D Printer Filament

Here’s another job with the worthy ultimate purpose of repurposing household plastic waste as useful 3D filament for making new stuff with your dwelling 3D printer.

Both the Filabot and the Strooder are screw feed mechanism plastic repurposing machines designed to gobble plastic pellets and spit them back out as filament for use in a 3D printer. But the Filabot’s fairly significant price-tag has been squeezed to something a lot less expensive by Strooder.

So, while the Filabot costs between $900 and $750 now, Strooder will be offered to Kickstarter backers for around $335. Some quite early backers were fortunate enough to snap one up for only $250. Albeit, they’re purchasing the assurance of a finished product at this stage, predicated on the current Kickstarter model (finished product is expected to send to backers beginning from this September).

Strooder has already passed its Kickstarter financing aim raising in less than 11 hours on 000 £20, the site. So it to production. And there are still 29 days left of the funding effort to run.