Solidscape is Unveiling new Software and an All-in-One 3D Printer Enclosure at Euromold

Stratasys subsidiary company Solidscape has declared it is using its forthcoming appearance to show off the Solidscape Base 3D printer enclosure and two new 3D printing software applications and storage cabinet.

Solidscape is the maker of high-precision wax 3D printers that’s long been favorites of the jewelry business for his or her ability to create prints that are exceptionally detailed. The printer cupboard that is new has been called an all in one 3D printing option that can match any versions of printers of the Solidscape 3Z chain. The Solidscape Base will included with the desktop 3D printer.

The Foundation features a large internal storage space for tools, assemble 3D printing stuff and plates. It will incorporate a Quatro Dust Collector providing you with clean room- particulate group and type dust. The dust collector could have a 12-month guarantee and contains an antimicrobial tote that’s a big enough ability to need only occasional changes. Line Regulator and a Voltage Input Signal is likewise incorporated into the Foundation meant to shield the sensitive electronic equipment from being damaged by power surges or voltage changes that are electric.

“Solidscape is excited to establish a package of advanced tools that streamline the 3D printing procedure with ease of use and remote access, enabling users to print anytime, anyplace,” Described Solidscape President Fabio Esposito.

Along with the Solidscape Base, they are going to also be showing off two new 3D printing applications platforms. Both software applications are anticipated to start occasionally in 2015.