Sketchup tips from Steven Gray: Part 1, scaling and measuring

Shapeways Store owner Steven Gray of MyGadgetLife discusses some guidance for designing with the incredible free design software Sketchup.

Sketchup is a terrific free tool for getting into 3D printing. Along with the export outcome is compatible with ‎Shapeways!

So here I’ve assembled a few tips that I found across the way in which which will assist you to big time on the road to your first 3D print.

Choose the template that is right. Sketchup will ask one to choose a template the first time you begin it. This pick is remembered on subsequent sessions (but it could be altered) – and there’s even one for 3D printing! But I wouldn’t choose this template, preferring at first to have a totally clean canvas to work from. So what ’s the finest template to choose? Personally I go for the template that is woodworking. It provides a neutral backdrop, no horizon and clean corners (select an architectural template to see what I mean).

Should you wish to modify the template, go to the Window”>>Preferences”>>Template (Windows) or Sketchup”>>Settings”>>Template (Mac) and pick another one. The template that is preferred will activate on the following new window opened, and that means you can’t upgrade an existent design to different template. But (top point) it is possible to cut and paste things from designs utilizing a special template to a different window with an alternate template.