SIGGRAPH 2014 – a Recap from Vancouver

The Shapeways team traveled to Vancouver for SIGGRAPH’s 41st Annual Conference last week. At the Shapeways booth, we featured various 3D printing ideas from our community, emphasizing some of the nearly 50 contents available these days.

We also presented a sneak peek of the new Printability Center, designed to be a common canvas where 3D Print Engineers and customers can work collectively to create manufacturable products. Look to come!

Through the exhibit, we did a raffle for the Dodecahedron VIII: a daily drawing for $200 in Shapeways 3D print credit; and various giveaways. The amazing mathematical sculpture is valued at more than $700!

Here are the victor – Congratulations!

$200 Daily Drawings:

Wednesday, 8/13: Paul Lesser, Portland, OR

Thursday, 8/14: Andre Lin, Vancouver, BC

The team had a wonderful time introducing new designers, and talking to community members. See our events page to see more of the goods that have been featured on site, and to see where we’ll be next!