Shapeways is Committed to Supporting Education–there’s a discount and so much more!

Shapeways Schooling Program Benefits include:

10% Reduction – We consistently offer educators and students a 10% discount on their very own version prints. Students & teachers can enroll a school email address and save 10% all orders in any one of our 40 substances. Students, head to

Campus Battle – We’re serious about supporting pupil work. University students who register on between now and November 15, 2014 will receive $25 in printing credit towards their own designs. An additional $75 will be received by students at the school together with the most signups .

Instruction Grant – Everyday we hear about Shapeways is helping students create awesome work including architecture product development, and engineering endeavors. Now we would like to help you make those projects actually come to life by declaring the Shapeways Education Grant. Each session we will make up to $5,000 accessible in Shapeways printing credit awarded to student projects. The application procedure is detailed on

Shapeways Crew Pupil Representative System – Become a part of the Shapeways community (and get free stuff)! We love for students to represent us on their campus, and You’ll get exclusive offers from Shapeways, by joining our Shapeways Campus Crew Representative program. Whether you’re printing maquettes for the architecture studio, sculpture materials for Fine Arts, custom arduino enclosures – you name it it can be 3D printed by us!

3D Printing Tutorials – within an endeavor to help everyone learn 3D design, we’ve assembled one of the greatest sets of 3D printing tutorials out there, to selling on Shapeways, covering everything from design software. Whether you in school or a lifelong student, there are tricks for several amounts from community and our team of pros.

API and Shape.js – New vertical markets open totally for physical products via our Shapeways API and ShapeJS, now. ShapeJS let’s you customizable digital patterns of products that are physical and create interactive along with the Shapeways API let’s you sell and price those products to customers across the planet.