Seeing God Through 3D Printing — Proven Reality

3D Proven Systems desires to bring you as close as possible through a blend of 3D printing, virtual and augmented realities, and a particular set of content, although well, you won’t literally see God. According to the notion that symbols and thoughts are central parts of the manner our brain functions, they may be working to integrate those symbols in a way that is more significant into the 3D world in which we dwell. And they’ve turned to Kickstarter to pull together the funds that they need to be able to take their vision from notion to public platform. They described it to prospective donors and call their job Proven Reality:

“ a fresh means to convey, an experience is being created by us, based on 3D technology. No one has ever joined them like we are, although others have used for distinct purposes each cutting edge bit of this job. Proven Reality is powerful, because it relies on technology you likely use daily. Your phone and tablet PC can be much greater than they already are. A significant and uplifting message is delivered by proven Truth through the Bible using IOS or Android Devices.”

What this means in a real sense is that they’re offering a three-prong method of feeling a stronger link through their products that are planned to the Christian religion. The first branch of the offerings is comprised of physical objects that shared or can be worn with others, for example a cross or a heart. The second division of the offering is an augmented reality program that enables one to interact 3D printed things in a more in depth manner. Eventually, they have developed a virtual reality app that’s designed to give you the experience of walking with Jesus when viewed through their Proven cardboard viewer.