Research and Markets: Nanomaterials and Graphene for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2015 – Review of 95 Research Projects and 20 Patents

The report provides business details and provides access to information, academic research findings, patents. The report highlights institutes and universities working in the field companies and research organisations which are currently patenting.Research findings include another generation of electronics that is active in unique interwoven and practical architectures, as well as, methods to integrate detectable nano particles in biomedical programs to advances and security measures.

Areas of interest from the patent sestion include: thermal transport tissue engineering, drug delivery, production of porous materials products and the addition of graphene.Varied topics like electronics, biomedical, aerospace, supercapacitors, nanoscale objects, protection programs, characterisation, novel inks and relevant printing process are described in the report.Materials such as graphene, porous nanocomposites nano titanium and inks nanocomposites are being used for reinforcement and creating flexible electronics and scaffolds.Conductive graphene filaments for printing electrically conductive parts have entered the sector and a few produces plan to utilize graphene for future part reinforcement.

Experts were asked for their perspectives on the viability of introducing graphene and nanomaterials to supply chain that was additive and the 3D printing. Pros come from organiations like MIT, Haydale Ltd, Group NanoXplore Inc., Monash University and Université de Fribourg. Our findings from this study are presented in this report.Graphene is a material that’s been making headlines. Its interesting properties makes graphene very interesting to academic scientists and businesses. Graphene is rigid very thin and powerful, a combination of power and heat and it’s also ductile.

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