ProtoKor 2014 – A Surprise Show In South Korea Revealing Some new 3D Printers

The ProtoKor show was just a tiny section of a much, much bigger show called “NanoKorea 2014” which contained Microtech World, Laser Korea as well as the Advanced Ceramics Exhibition, PROTOKOR, and Bionic Tec. The NanoKorea 2014 web site can be obtained in Korean and in English for readers that are curious.

With over 420 firms from 15 nations present, such as the 3D printer businesses. What was odd was that there were few 3D printer businesses present, and the ones that were had been grouped together at the rear of the newsgroup. Another strange thing we discovered was who was in attendance. This comprised five that had real functioning printers on screen of those only one,” had we heard of before, the Willybot.