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Altair OptiStruct Revolutionizes Lattice Structures for 3D Printing

February 20, 2015 Kimberly Reed 0

Altair today announced 3D printing, or OptiStruct® solver abilities that expand topology optimization support for the usage of production. OptiStruct is an award-winning tech for topology, topography, size, and design optimization that’s contained in computer-aided engineering (CAE) package Altair HyperWorks®. A unique capability of 3D printing is located within its …Read More

3D printed structures made of graphene

February 9, 2015 Kimberly Reed 0

The execution of graphene-based apparatus always demands the precise patterning of sheets at both the micrometer and nanometer scale. It appears that 3 D printing methods are an enticing manufacture course towards three-dimensional constructions that are graphene. On the very first 3D printed nanostructures constructions made completely of graphene we …Read More

Hershey’s to develop 3D printed chocolate

December 21, 2014 Kimberly Reed 0

Hershey’s chocolate scientists are print sweet that is distinctively designed. The confection business is taking its CocoJet 3D printer from 3D Systems to distinct displays through the U.S. to show chocolate fans how this futuristic candy machine creates distinctively delightful layouts. Consumers interact with a library of 3D images on …Read More

Coco Rocha & Sebring Studio Bring 1,000 Poses to Life in “Study of Pose,” and in 3D with Shapeways

December 15, 2014 Kimberly Reed 0

Supermodel Coco Rocha isn’t only fashion forward, she’s tech. And in her most recent revolutionary accomplishment, she collaborated with world renowned photographer Steven Sebring on Research of Pose. The publication is an extraordinary 2,032-page quantity of 1,000 unique poses that celebrates the beauty and flexibility of this human form. Each …Read More