ORNL breaks Guinness World Record for largest solid 3-D printed item

ORNL Demonstration Facility set a Guinness World Record for the biggest 3 D printed item.

The component, that has been made with the facility’s Large Place Additive Manufacturing Device, was 17.5 toes long, 5.5 feet wide, 1.5 feet thick and weighed 1,650 lbs.

Helped by ORNL staff member Brittany Cramer, Empric required measures of the thing to see if it surpassed a previous record of 10.6 cubic feet for a 3-D imprinted item. He moved to the lectern and after a number of suspenseful comments, announced the results.

“You reach the measuring of 82.4 cubic tonnes, which will be a new Guinness World Record Name. Congratulations,” Empric said.

Thom Builder, ORNL director, mentioned this was the 2nd Guinness World Record accomplishment for ORNL, which also procured a Guinness record for the unparalleled blasts of neutrons in 2007.

“Both of these worldrecord accomplishments demonstrate, really, the scope, scale and range of activities at ORNL, from basic science to discovering innovations in clean energy and global security,” Builder mentioned.

Christodoulou, manager of Materials and Constructions, Engineering & Enterprise Operations, stated the exercise-and- trim tool ORNL produced for Boeing is a fantastic improvement over existing technologies.

“In comparison, this tool, if made the conventional way, might just take 90 days to construct. It was constructed in 30 hrs. Only think about this,” he said.

Christodoulou said 3-D printing offers fantastic prospect of delivering matters to the market more quickly, economically and with greater energy savings than before. Usually, the drillandtrimming device would be made from metal at a cost that was considerably greater, he said.