MyMiniFactory MP5 Project Open Source Platform Launches To Unify 3D Printing

MyMiniFactory has unveiled challenging MyMiniFactory MP5 Job and a new that it hopes will provide a more unified 3D printing experience that can bring all the components of 3D printing together into one unified package.

Led by Augustin Sanson, the MP5 Project is an open source platform that will be developed to provide a simpler method to also develop your skills and enter into the 3D printing world.

MyMiniFactory explains little more about the platform:

Natural shapes with topology that is incredible provide boundless sources of inspiration for creative thoughts. 3D printing technology, as it stands, implies that dream shapes could become reality.

Currently “the dream-to- make journey” demands mastering bricks of knowledge that aren’t harmonious with each other, comparable to playing Tetris. So quite frequently, first excitement becomes actual disappointment.

The MP5 job is an attempt to change this. That is a massive endeavor, and one we cannot hope to achieve alone. We desire the aid of the community at large, and with you we can usher in the next wave in this move, one that’s holistic, intuitive and streamlined. Join us, and let’s change the world together.