Mcor Technologies enhances worlds most advanced 3D Printing Colour Capabilities

The Irish firm Mcor has developed its own colour 3D printing technology. A sheet of paper is laid down and cut with a automatic knife. A binder is employed and another piece of paper is applied. An inkjet head may then apply colour to the edges. Mcor’s parts are actually quite tough, much tougher and stronger than one would imagine. For use in companies, universities and schools the Mcor technology is really interesting

The process of Mcor is the safest 3D printing process that there is for people and the environment. Additionally, there are no fumes or powder burst threats. Mcor can also be the most economical 3D technology. Newspaper is used by Mcor this means that the total cost of consumables is very low.

For any of you Printing you will realize that post-processing is par for the course and if you’d like the complete colour version, you will need to either remove powder or even in an instance paper waste material. Therefore to 3d publish full colour the removal of this waste material is necessary and certainly will increase printing and post-processing time.

A new feature automatically removes waste material on these models during the build which makes the printing twice as fast and significantly reduces the post-processing time! This is a software update that can easily be implemented on any Mcor ARKe system, no new hardware required!

Overall our entire colour 3D Printing platform, SDL (Selective Deposition Lamination) is much far better than many since its name suggests the glue is put round the build at a particular manner using increased glue implemented on the support material and less on the version it self therefore that the waste material removal is more straightforward. It is also a safe process, with fumes or no dust or toxic liquids.