Karlie Kloss and her Epic 3D Printing Fashion Journey with Vogue

Shapeways partnered with Vogue to send Karlie Kloss around the world, as a 3D print, from a 3D scan by Direct Measurements.

The playful undertaking to send Karlie Kloss around the whole world as a 3D print is another example of the fashion world understanding the worthiness of 3D printing, even when it is to not make a garment or an accessory. With projects like the Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings and the Dita Von Teese Gown, we worked with designers to shove the present 3D Printing materials to the absolute limits. This job is a more lighthearted step in the course of exploring how 3D scanning and 3D printing may be used to record a person, object or area, to subsequently investigate the form in 3 dimensions, to print as is, or to modify and/or improve.

The american supermodel was 3D scanned in several classic outfits, and lively poses by Direct Dimensions’ 20 foot diameter booth with over 100 cameras firing simultaneously to get the raw data.