Innovation On All Fronts For Concept Laser’s Next Phase in LaserCUSING Development

Concept Laser’s Founder and CEO, Mr Hertzog announced that their main concern was meeting demand and that Concept Laser’s Laser CUSING technology, a kind of selective laser melt, would evolve as the business needed, by adding more lasers for incrementing speed, testing and optimizing new materials, and supplying a more standardized and managed environment for operation.

The marketplace needed it and Concept Laser is answering by presenting all these (and more) innovations at the coming 2014 Euromold expo, taking place in Frankfurt by the end of November. For one of the largest metal 3D printer manufacturers it is the “home” show, since it is situated in Lichtenfelds, about two hours west of the town on the Main river, which is going to make it count.

Concept Laser also reveals that improvements are made with regards to the build strategy for its LaserCUSING systems, having an optimized exposure strategy at the heart of machine design inventions.

Mr. Herzog also talked with me about materials, describing that there’s an unlimited number of materials that could be used in SLM, the only limit is the time necessary to study them, with the prospect of continuous expansion and meeting machine demand draining the business’s resources. Seemingly, however, not enough to keep the R&D team from working on a variety of new substances, which will also be at Euromold, focusing especially on medical and aerospace businesses.