Incredible Artwork by Shapeways Designer Brian Chan

The annual SIGGRAPH exhibit brings together the finest heads in 3D design emerging technology and creative thoughts for an exceptional weeks Art exhibition. Hybrid Vehicle Craft presented artists who unite conventional procedures and high tech to create lively 3D art objects that talk both to technology and history.

Shapeways designer Brian Chan was a part of the group show, presenting an assortment of hand painted invertebrates.

Chan then carefully hand paints each version with water color paints while amazing in their own right when recently printed in White Powerful and Flexible. Chan notes the laser sintered nylon soaks up allowing for multiple layers of pigment and has similar qualities.

He revealed also examples of instruments that are foldable, created from various substances and using parts printed at Shapeways and CNC milling components. These totally working instruments derive from layouts that were historically accurate, but are more than meets the eye because they turned and can be folded into a carton like a Transformer.

As the art exhibition was curated to inquire, Brian Chan’s work joins high tech (but accessible) technology and old vogue craft to reach unbelievable results. As teacher and a committed tinkerer, Chan continuously pushes the limits of ingenuity and technology while paying homage to lost or conventional crafts.