This robot will take sick kids on a virtual trip to the zoo

The slightly frightening robot in the image above could bring enjoyment to some deserving children later this season if everything goes to plan. Robots For Good is a nonprofit initiative that is building a robot for, well, good. The objective would be to create a bot that can be controlled remotely by a hospital-bound kid, allowing them to see places they are physically incapable of seeing by themselves.

Robots For Good is utilizing several existing technologies to construct its bot. The core comes from two open source projects: the 3D-printable robot InMoov and OpenWheels, a free-to-build version of the Segway. The cameras that form the eyes of the robot are linked remotely to another recognizable piece of tech: the Oculus Rift VR headset. Basically, the team is creating an open-source, highly complex telepresence bot (dubbed the “InMoov Explorer”) and 3D printing education tool, and putting it to use for a really deserving cause.

The bot can be constructed around $2,500, but for at scale Robots For Great has no official capital, rather relying on volunteers and philanthropic businesses for help So far it is working. From those two ventures alone, it is been able filament to really construct the robot and to loan 3D printers, and foster partnerships with other curious people and hackspaces.

The value of Wevolver can not be understated. Both OpenWheels and InMoov are hosted on the website of the company’s, and it is now drumming up support for the job with the open exhibit in the centre of London. Anyone can drop by and check out how much Robots For Good has come to date, and speak with an associate of the team to learn how they are able to get involved. According to how many people who sign up, more attributes could be gained by the robot.