Grun Jewelry: 3D Printing, Travel and Inspiration by Tanya Gruenberg

Since her time at MAD, Tanya Gruenberg’s jewelry designs have evolved to the point where she is now ready to present her wonderfully resolved designs as Studio Grun, to the world at an incredible speed.

“When I had been a little girl, I remember my mom constantly wearing large white gold hoop earrings with diamonds running through it. I couldn’t wait until I was old to get my hands on them. ”

That memory made an impression on Tanya Gruenberg, a Miami native who graduated having a degree in Industrial Design from Parsons School of Design. Upon graduating, she has been employed as a furniture designer and assisted in design dwelling goods for a sizable clientele. On her free time she was making jewelry and noticed her interest was becoming deeper and deeper.

Tanya has educated herself wax carving, in addition to other conventional techniques, but immediately discovered it absolutely was quite challenging to balance a full time occupation while educating herself laborious jewelry techniques. That’s where Shapeways came in. “ I had the skillset to 3D model which has helped enormously getting out my 3D design. ”