3D Systems’ Fab-Grade 3D Printers Break the Speed Barrier Surpassing Traditional Injection Molding

3D Systems announced today that its fab-level 3D printers efficiently fit and surpassed the productivity of conventional injection molding in the direct production of functional parts. This breakthrough opens up the possibility of just-in-time, high volume, flexible additive manufacturing utilizing the company’s preciseness Stereolithography (SLA®) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) complex manufacturing printers, enabling manufacturers to make functional, precision parts in seconds, without the need for tooling or a drawn-out supply chain.

3DS’ SLA, the gold standard in 3D printing, was the first to revolutionize product development and prototyping, followed by the introduction of 3DS’ SLS, which transitioned many customers steadfastly to the direct manufacturing of parts that are functional. Now’s declared creation rate records are transferring the manufacturing paradigm again: from low volume production to high volume direct manufacturing of complicated parts across a range of industries and use cases.

3DS is debuting a series of videos that demonstrate how its fab-level printers can manufacture thousands of parts at speeds comparable to traditional injection molding operations.

“This is simply the beginning. We’re working on added applications that defy traditional production constraints, allowing our customers to go from idea to product in hours, instead of months – to actually fabricate the future.”

Learn more about 3DS’ dedication to production the future today at www.3dsystems.com.