Dymax Oligomers May Be Limited in Molecules But Offer Infinite 3D Printing Success with Resin

It’s all about the chemistry in the materials coming from Dymax Oligomers & Coatings, that means we’re discussing Bomar oligomers and – while your design job centres around innovation and creativity, for the 3D printer using resin. These items attain faster 3D printing for the maker all around with higher quality, power lasers, and greater satisfaction.

Composed of comparatively few molecules (as compared to polymers, which, as the poly- prefix would suggest, offer many molecules), Bomar oligomers present the best results for 3D printing with SLA, DLP, and even 3D inkjet printers. Variations in the chemistry offer flexibility for the designer in 3D printing and oligomers can be manipulated by the designer with their own devices with regard to mechanical properties once they understand in what way the stuff work.

And if one substance doesn’t function for them, Dymax will customize oligomers in line with customer requirements.
FlexibleWhile the oligomers may be limited in molecular structure, that definitely doesn’t mean they impose limits in 3D printing with resin–and actually, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re looking for more alternative in viscosity along with having the ability to manipulate flow, Dymax oligomers offer choices to you, also as removing object deformation.