Cosine Additive Unveils Massive AdditiveMachine1 3D Printer

Andrew McCalip, Jason Miller, and also the team at Cosine Additive desire to carry on to shake up conventional manufacturing and business as nearly all people know it. With the intent of taking on complex, extreme jobs, they’ve developed a large scale 3D printer which is intended to impress upon their ‘fundamental decoupling’ of both equipment and materials.
Not allowing themselves to be confined to any special stuff as they progress, Cosine’s AdditiveMachine1 is a 3D printer meant to be synonymous with the word format that is large, boasting a construct space of 1100 x 850 x 900 mm. The AdditiveMachine1, just presented at the the RAPID 2015 show in California, translates into one cubic yard presented in an format that is rectangular that is optimized. Machine5Meant for professional use in fabricating items that are highly functional, the large build space allows for component development on an expansive and exceptionally progressive degree.

As they’re in the method of earning a 3D printed kayak along with working on carbon fiber aircraft wings, the team is living proof of what the equipment can perform.

‘We’re merely a couple of men in a small shop, a former SpaceX engineer plus a hedge fund quant/physicist who determined we were going to construct the world’s best opensource 3D printer,” Andrew McCalip, founder and CTO of Texas-based Cosine Additive told “Our goal is to fundamentally disturb the closed ecosystem /proprietary materials model that’s predominated industrial 3D printing for the last 20 years.”