Cool Hand Luke and his father print functional 3D hands

You can make almost anything with a 3D printer and in the Dennison residence, the printers are constantly working to enhance the life of 8-year-old Lucas (Luke) Dennison.

After creating a congenital abnormality of the hand, symbrachydactyly, Dennison was born without fingers on his left hand. But two years ago, Gregg, Dennison’s father, chanced upon 3D printing shifting his son’s lifestyle.

“He was a bit diffident about it growing up, if people were staring, concealing his fingers,” stated Gregg Dennison. It does n’t’ influence him, he shows away it. If someone claims why have you been wearing that? He happily take his hand off and show them what he’s got beneath.”

And when a new hand is created, Luke can’t wait to check it out.