Coco Rocha & Sebring Studio Bring 1,000 Poses to Life in “Study of Pose,” and in 3D with Shapeways

Supermodel Coco Rocha isn’t only fashion forward, she’s tech. And in her most recent revolutionary accomplishment, she collaborated with world renowned photographer Steven Sebring on Research of Pose. The publication is an extraordinary 2,032-page quantity of 1,000 unique poses that celebrates the beauty and flexibility of this human form.

Each pose is captured from 100 different angles on Steven’s experimental 360 degree “rig.” In the book’s forward, Steven Sebring explains, “I wanted to record the fluid, ever-changing splendor of this ever-flexible human form…I’d always planned on shooting the one million images with just 1 camera and one version.”

Steven and Coco brought the book to life with 3D printing if the book were not energetic enough. Those photos were readily stitched into 3D models, since the rig took photos at 100 unique angles.

Coco Rocha describes, “A couple of years back I must personally tour Shapeways facilities in Long Island and see his or her capacities. To be honest I’ve been itching to locate a way to work with them! When we had been in the process of developing a whole exhibition around my brand new book with Steven Sebring, ‘Study Of Pose,’ we understood that the information we had in the 360 degree poses could readily allow us to create completely formed 3D renderings of all 1,000 poses from the book. That’s when the proverbial light bulb went off and we took our idea straight. Seeing those images from the book come to life in few dimensions that are tangible was so amazing for me, and it was shown to be a wonderful source of conversation in the art exhibit we had at Milk Gallery. We are talking about creating ‘Study Of Pose’ novel finishes, candelabras, toy solders… the sky is the limit with a partner like Shapeways!”

The publication is on screen at Milk Gallery at New York before December 21st, where you can see stunning images in the book as well as interpretations of Study of Pose by neighborhood artists. You will also find our cooperation with Steven and Coco, a display of 500 3D prints of the form of Coco.Congratulations to Steven Sebring, Coco Rocha and the entire team on bringing this idea to life!

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