Check Out this 3D Printed 1:2 Scale Replica Historical Racecar made by Audi Toolmaking

To exhibit their current large-scale metal 3D printing capabilities, Audi Toolmaking used a metal selective laser sintering procedure to produce an accurate replica of their Auto Union Typ C Grand Prix car that was classic. The race car goes back to 1936, and was one of Europe’s race car designs that are dominant between 1932 and 1939. After the conclusion of the project, Audi is currently considering cars made by the entire Volkswagen Group, along with more possible applications for this particular metal part manufacturing process for their own autos.

Now the Volkswagen Group maintains a total of 14 toolmaking facilities where they maintain cooperative partnerships in 9 different nations to enable continued research and development of new production procedures. The focus of the first cooperative endeavor is the testing and execution of powder bed 3D printing technologies and metallic 3D printing, sand 3D printing. Using this particular laser sintering (SLS) process to successfully 3D print all of the metal parts employed for the fabrication of a 1:2 scale replica of a Silver Arrow model Auto Union Typ C was the first large-scale demonstration of Audi Toolmaking’s metal additive fabricating capacities.