Cambodia’s First 3D Printing Startup: teaching students

Ki and brothers Ki Chong How Tran have launched Cambodia ’s ARC Hub PNH, first 3D printing startup. Their vision will be to make Phnom Penh the next startup heart in Asia and to use 3D printing and design to enhance the lives of fellow Cambodians.
Caption: Brothers Ki How and Ki Chong Tran (LR)
Born in La to Cambodian-Chinese parents, the brothers chose to bring 3D printing after comprehending the gap in and scope of the market. In america, Ki Chong was exposed to 3D printing while working for an aerospace firm where 3D printing was used in manufacturing parts. The deeper his brother along with he investigated the concept and how it might be leveraged to promote the internal economy of Cambodia, they were grown on by the more that the idea to introduce 3D printing in Cambodia.
Ki Chong and Ki believe that their startup presents an essential chance for Cambodians to understand just how to work with powerful additive production technology in parallel together with the developed world. Until now, Cambodians have been playing catch-up using the developed world in regards to technological know how. The Tran brothers empower Cambodians to help direct the state’s future and would like to level the playing field.
The interest among expatriates and Cambodians dwelling in Phnom Penh is swiftly gaining impetus, as Ki Chong says.