Bursting With Electrical Conductivity: Functionalize’s Plastic Conductive Filament

It’s 9:36 EST in the United States as I write, and as of right now Functionalize has $6, 657 worth of Kickstarter backers on Day 1 of its effort for claims is a “breakthrough electronically conductive filament . Mike Toutonghi, founder, CEO and chief scientist speaks about new 3D printing possibilities, saying, “Imagine a world at which you can 3D print the next cell phone, a drone, an Internet of Things apparatus, or the latest in wearable electronic equipment, complete with circuits and electric parts.”

According to Functionalize, the brand new filament, Functionalize F-Electric, is “one thousand times more conductive than filament accessible today, and “enables anyone to print circuits, wires, sensors, power connectors, as well as other electrical parts inside jobs printed from popular PLA-capable 3D printers.” Functionalize is seeking $100,000 from the Kickstarter community to set up a production facility to bring F Electric to market in quantity.