BLTouch Coming to Indiegogo Tomorrow – A Bed Leveling Sensor for 3D printers

Perhaps the best pet peeve I have when it comes to FDM/ FFF 3D printers are those machines which do. The printers which require that you simply manually level your bed, ensuring that the bed isn’t only absolutely level for prints that are straight to be able to successfully print an item but also the print nozzle is at the right distance from the print bed, can be quite crafty.
Fact is, many 3D printers, including some high quality machines do not have automatic bed leveling systems built into them. Nevertheless, thanks to one guy named Charles Lee, this all might be about to change for the better. September 1, 2015, the BLTouch is going to be unveiled as part of a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign tomorrow. The BLTouch is an auto leveling detector for 3D printers, and also the best part is the fact that it could be added onto virtually any FDM/FFF 3D printer available today.