AstroPrint’s Cloud Platform Lets You Manage 3D Printing From Anywhere

AstroPrint has formed a mix of cloud system, local applications and hardware to enable the management of 3D printing from any device that may connect to the net using a contemporary browser.

For those not aware, the actual procedure of 3D printing is all about as interesting to watch in real-time as ants building their burrows out in an ant farm.

It’s something you only have to determine a handful of times, and is viewed as a time lapse. But if 3D printing is some thing you do professionally, it’s still very important to monitor what’s going on along with your prints. It’s important to make certain you didn’t waste half of it because of a misprint a number of hours in, when something complex can take half a day or longer to print.

AstroPrint’s option is made around a cloud platform that’s accessible from any modern browser. From repositories linked with their database, it is possible to see 3D models from their platform. The biggest is 3DaGoGo, a site that AstroPrint’s founders have been working on but pivoted away from as they recognized a majority of users were simply printing free models.

You can process it into “slices” 3D printers can understand and send it to any printer you’ve got connected to the web once you’ve got a model in your mind. AstroPrint makes it easy to hook most printers for their cloud up with their AstroBox, a $149 plugandplay kit that works with most 3D printers out there nowadays.

On one side of things, AstroPrint CTO Daniel Arroyo says the startup is a massive supporter of the the open source and hardware hacker ways of doing things, and has consequently made its AstroBox applications offered to anybody with a Rasperry Pi placing around for them to use their cloud platform without investing in more hardware.

One path they’re investigating is working to construct necessary hardware and the application into their printers, making it the cloud platform that is regular over the business. They’ve already shown off with printer that featured co-branded software for connecting to AstroPrint’s cloud at CES, on such partnership with AirWolf.