ARC Group Worldwide Hires Former Morris Technologies Executive

Mr. Warden is a metal 3D print business expert, having previously held the position of Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Morris Technologies. Morris Technologies were obtained by GE Aviation last year because of the direction in the metal 3D print sector.

Jason Young, Chairman and CEO of ARC remarked, “we’re excited to have Mr. Warden join our team. Given our focus on metal 3D print, we consider 3DMT is distinctively placed to reap the benefits of the substantial business increase underway. Mr. Warden is one of the few individuals in the world that’s a proven track record of success selling metal 3D printed components and comprehending the sophistication of the technology. Mr. Warden was instrumental in establishing the Morris company into a world leader in metal 3D print, and we believe he’ll be a crucial player in helping us continue the increase of 3DMT. We’re honored that Mr. Warden selected ARC as the program for this next stage of his profession.”

I’ve been monitoring ARC’s advancement for a while and have high conviction in innovative production platform and their business model. Especially, ARC’s direction in materials science and powder metal technology, dovetails extremely nicely with metal 3D print. Farther, present metal component uses, their present customer base, and focus on total production options have become tactical to the chances I see in metal 3D print. I also consider the future of production will be a world where additive and subtractive technology work in a seamless manner, as ARC is uniquely suited to supply.”

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