Amazon Has a Plan to 3D-Print Straight From Its Delivery Trucks

Drones? Food delivery? School bookstores? All of that pales in comparison to what Internet retail giant Amazon has in the works, according to a new patent filed on February 19, which details the firm’s plans to create it right on the delivery truck, although to not simply deliver your order.

Think about that for a second — you put an order on Amazon, among several roving delivery trucks receives said order, fires up the 3D-printing machine in the trunk, and then continues to drop off your new waffle iron inside of certain time window. At its center, that’s what Amazon expects to realize one day, and is seemingly serious enough about it to file the paperwork with all the patent office.

“Techniques described herein contain systems for providing items fabricated to users on demand,” reads the filing. “For example, a user can submit an order for an item offered in a electronic market and request the thing be made on demand by a production apparatus, e.g., a three-dimensional (3D) production gear.”