Altair OptiStruct Revolutionizes Lattice Structures for 3D Printing

Altair today announced 3D printing, or OptiStruct┬« solver abilities that expand topology optimization support for the usage of production. OptiStruct is an award-winning tech for topology, topography, size, and design optimization that’s contained in computer-aided engineering (CAE) package Altair HyperWorks┬«. A unique capability of 3D printing is located within its ability to manufacture hollow shapes with outside geometry. Optimization to aid in the efficient mixing of constructions with smooth transitional material quantity is today extended by OptiStruct. Performance could be analyzed under stress, compression, shear, flexion, torsion, and fatigue life. Since no tools formerly existed for designers of lattice structures an unmet demand fulfills.
Now OptiStruct will offer CAE evaluations for material supply that is structurally and optimal. Optimization has been employed by various industries to make designs. This technology is for use because optimization tends to produce. Therefore, some efficacy in optimized design theories might be dropped to comply with the constraints of a specific manufacturing process. 3D printing provides form freedom, while preserving structural integrity and performance characteristics and its symbiosis using optimization enables creative expression.

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