3DPRINTforAid Launches 3D Printing Design Contest to Help The Needy

We all have seen some pretty astonishing competitions emerge, centered around 3D print. Whether it be an easy contest to design a gift for Mother’s Day, or as Local Motors did a few weeks past, turn to the public to get thoughts about what car they’ll 3D print in September, each contest we see has been an amazing way to crowdsource a cause.

There really is no bigger cause than helping the destitute on this planet,. Many of you probably are well off enough to at least have an adequate internet connection a decent means to get the internet, and maybe even a 3D printer. Not everyone is so fortunate, but we all can make a difference.

Thingarage, in addition to ActionAid, MakeTank, Vectorealism and Impact Hub Florence, established the 3DPRINTforAID competition. The goal of the competition would be to reach out to designers all over the world due to their help in creating a product that may be made on both low quality, as well as high quality 3D printers. In fulfilling their basic needs, the product must have a social impact on individuals’s lives. It should be a “tool for improvement and social advancement both for poor folks in the western world and people in developing countries.”

Sourec: https://3dprint.com/6066/3dprintforaid/