3D Printing Materials Developer Structured Polymers Raises $1.2 Million Through Equity Crowdfunding Platform MicroVentures

Austin-based technology firm Structured Polymers declared this week that it successfully raised $1.5 million in a seed financing round to improve the development of specialty polymer powders for the burgeoning 3D print business. MicroVentures and structured Polymers’ investors anticipate to capitalize on the 3D print business that is shifting as printer patents that are significant are set to expire this year, growing need for quality stuff and lowering hardware prices.

“MicroVentures runs like an internet venture capital investment bank, although we offer an alternative experience when compared to a conventional VC firm,” said MicroVentures President Bill Clark. We not only offer mentorship and market research to our startups, but the skill to raise cash fast from a growing on-line network of accredited investors.”

Structured Polymers is developing an advanced approach to making 3D printing materials for the commercial 3D print business that, offering more making programs at reduced cost. The firm’s patented production process using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) enables it to supply significantly more polymer levels than presently available in the marketplace, that may help revolutionize closing-component production through better and more solid materials.

“We’re at an important turning point in the 3D print business due to 20-year old hardware patents expiring. “MicroVentures understood the opportunity this represents for investors and worked immediately to procure most of the funds we wanted in less than the usual week.”

3D print has acquired significant traction over recent years, ballooning into a $2.6 billion business that’s anticipated to grow to $6.5 billion by 2019. With hardware patents expiring, prices are projecting to fall significantly, raising the relevance for the production sector of the technology.

“3D printing isn’t a fad, but the impetus for a fresh industrial revolution in the U.S.,” added Clark. “There hasn’t been actual stuff initiation in this sector in more than 20 years. We believe Structured Polymers is placed to be a significant victor in this marketplace, as no matter who wins the conflict for hardware market share, every 3D printer will want the sort of sophisticated ink this business is developing.”