3D Printing Gives a Previously Unidentified Dinosaur Skeleton New Life

You may already possess the job that each little kid dreams of having, if you work on Triebold Paleontology, Incorporated. Triebold is a company focused on the preservation of fossils along with the development of museum-quality exhibits and the preparation, restoration, molding, cast, and mounting of specimens. As such, they apply droves of experts from product makers to paleontologists. Put simply, they specialize in all things specimen – great, little, rare, and fundamental – and they’ve been doing so for almost a quarter of a century.

(RMDRC), is including another notch to their own belt by declaring the unveiling of a heretofore unknown species of ceratopsian dinosaur. The ceratopsian dinosaurs were a group of herbivorous gargantuans, the most renowned of which can be the triceratops.

These creatures had a neck plate, like an Elizabethan collar but with table manner. The biggest of them could reach 30 feet in length and upwards of 12,000 lbs.