3D Printed Thyroid Transplant

In November of 2014, a bold claim was made by a Russian firm by the name of 3D Bioprinting Solutions: they intended to create the first 3D printed animal thyroid gland . With their announcement which they had successfully printed a thyroid gland for a mouse, they delivered right on schedule, in March. During those times, the business had really not yet attempted to transplant the gland into a living mouse. This week, however, 3D Print Solutions announced that they’ve successfully transplanted functional 3D printed thyroid glands into live mice. The firm has confirmed that it had been a success, although the complete results of the experiment will likely be released next week.

They had expected to possess the transplant completed by July, but because of the aforementioned difficulties, the procedure was delayed. Considering the magnitude of what they were attempting, nevertheless, a delay of a couple of months is nothing. Now that they have transplanted a thyroid gland into a living mouse, the following measure is what once seemed impossible: 3D transplanting and print a human thyroid gland. The consequences of this for the medical area are huge. As stated by the World Health Organization, 665 million people are affected by thyroid disorders, which are hard to treat.