3D-printed Mars shelter concept is out of this world

Though the field continues to be relatively new, 3 D-printed architecture could show a real blessing to prospective Mars colonizers. Inspired by National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s rivalry seeking ideas for potential 3D-printed Mars habitats business Fabulous has created a shelter, dubbed Sfero, that will be 3D-printed on the Red Planet using locally-available materials.

Resembling a futuristic igloo from the top, the Sfero shelter could be partially buried beneath the earth. Its own one long hallway, which features an airlock would gains accessibility to the shelter.

The inside comprises three floors. The uppermost floor, which seems more like a mezzanine, measures only 3 sq m (3 2 sq ft), and is given over entirely to growing foodstuffs, while the following floor down measures 29 sq m (312 sqft) and comprises a work space and bathroom. The occupants would navigate between each floor with a spiral staircase.