3D Printed Gaming Terrain DRAGONLOCK is Expansive but Not Expensive

Fat Dragon Games, a ten-year-old firm that produces a variety of gaming solutions, really wants to assist gamers literally build worlds. The organization, based on Tom Tullis at 2005, focuses primarily on downloadableand printable documents for the purpose of building your terrain. Most of the records on offer are PDF files with the goal of paper craft, but the business is now making its initial foray into 3D printing.

They will have had six funded Kickstarter campaigns, and also their seventh, which is now running, is already about 7900% funded with over two weeks left. DRAGONLOCK, the corporation’s first 3 d printable terrain collection, will be funded as of November 3rd, together with plenty of money left.

Backers can level up by devoting higher amounts, with the amount and sophistication of those pieces rising with every $10 increment. $20 will enable you to get the Hero package, $30 gets you the Champion package, $40 the Warlord package and $50 the Duke package. Anyone who pledges $60 or more receives the King package, which includes all items out of the previous packages plus a couple roof-top bits including an archway and arrow slit. Expansion packages may also be available; anyone who adds $15 with their pledge receives a traps and threats package including items such as giant toxin mushrooms and a treasure heap. Several elongate rewards are offered as well for anybody who collapses at Champion degree or more, and all packages include the document for the compact clips which connect the bits.

Source https://3dprint.com/101302/gaming-terrain-dragonlock/