3D-printed fake seals used to mask cargo thefts

Cargo thieves have used 3D printers to generate fake security seals to conceal when a shipment was undermined.

Sometimes the seals are so imaginative they even fit the identification numbers on the original, based on third party logistics organisation SpedLogSwiss, which reviews an incident when the scam was used in the larceny of a cargo that is pharmaceutical.

The initial maker and rack seals (imagined) were placed on the cargo and – upon arrival at the clients – seemed to be still intact. After the seals were removed as well as the transport company opened it was discovered that most of the cargo was missing.

“The advantages of the technology have been found by the structured crime,” says SpedLogSwiss, which notes that some 3D printers can prepare the imitation seals in as tiny as 10 minutes.

The corporation has issued a circular so that you can raise awareness of the problem, describing the incident.