3D-Printed Cooler Soaks up the Sun

If a company wanted a quick turnaround on a design, Additive manufacturing is the fastest way to accomplish the goal. While 3D printing is used in many different ways now, it’s still the leader in rapid prototyping.

It was AM’s skill to speed layout iterations that brought the interest of Nipi up. Individuals at Nipi make a fascinating product known as the Nipi Smart Cooler. The cooler uses solar power while concurrently offering several factory outlets to help in keeping your cellular apparatus charged to maintain your beer cold.

“It’s astonishing how fast we could go into a fully-functional prototype from an idea on a sheet of paper that we’re able to examine outside,” said merchandise design lead, Luke Guttery. “Without 3D printing, this just wouldn’t happen to be achievable in the specified timeframe. In UV resistant substances we’d already made the primary body in just a couple of days to examine the solar panel systems in sunlight, and large scale over-molded wheels with rubber treads and stiff insides. Applying this technology, we could come up with a a working prototype that is final in a just under weekly, whereas with conventional production it will be nearer to a month.”

The Smart Cooler was initially established as a Kickstarter effort, but was cancelled before completion, aside from the fact it’d already raised enough money to fulfill its target. There were so many goo suggestions the design team decided to go back to design prior to launch.