3D Print Your Own Scrabble Set

Is there anything more frustrating than opening up a board game for game night and discovering that there are pieces missing? You are able to generally play with anyhow, but it’s not quite the same – you’re always conscious of that lost piece, especially abc1when that piece could have put you ahead of your opponent. Scrabble pieces tend to mysteriously vanish in the highest rate, in my experience, and while it is possible to engineer a replacement it’s a bit clear when you’re holding the cardboard “Q” in your letter tray.

Columbia University student Jason Powell came up using a simple solution: you need, why not the replacement pieces are printed by 3D? Or, if you’ve lost the Scrabble set out of your childhood, why not print a whole new set? On his Instructables page, he describes, in-depth, how to print your own tiles and trays: